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Saturday, January 26, 2013

Current Projects Underway

I have been meaning to post photos of some of my modelling that I have been attending to lately but I have been unable to post photos onto the blog. I have read that other blog users are having difficulty posting pictures as well so I'm glad to know it's not my computer or Internet connection. Despite this I thought I would provide a little update of what has been happening.

A few Saturdays ago I spent the afternoon with Al from AR Kits. Now if you want to know anything about model trains and trains in general Al is the 'Go-To' man. He is very helpful and will give all the time in the world to help anyone out. Al also has a great range of NSW products and a lot of finer detailing items and decals that are hard to come by. I recommend that Al be any ones first point of call for any HO Australian modelling needs.

Anyway, Al and I started the planning stage for building the Gladstone Cabin in HO. It will be constructed out of styrene sheeting and will have a scale size panel within. Lighting will also be added. I want the cabin to be built to a high standard. That's why I have gone to Al for help. Al showed me some of his scratch building work and it was pretty smek! Al even gave me a lesson in Scratch Building 101. He couldn't have made it look any easier. I was amazed at how simple scratch building can be. After searching for the materials that will be needed Al gave me a booklet on scratch building, some scrape styrene sheets and some top notch glue to start practising with.

Construction of my ILM QR goods shed is coming along slowly. It is a very easy model to build and I have enjoyed taking the time out to build it. I have taken pictures of its progress but as I mentioned earlier I have been unable to post the pictures. I have also been researching photos of the QLX box wagon in preparation for weathering my Wuiske RTR models. I have a few good ideas in mind and all the materials needed to proceed so once this bad Queensland weather disappears I will start that project.

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