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Sunday, December 9, 2012

Locomotives and Rollingstock used in the Gladstone Area between 1990-2000

 X301 approaches the Platform on the main, Rocky bound while a 3900 enters the loop
with a freight to Brisbane. The 2800 is in No.1 and will depart for Brisbane
with its general freight train once X301 clears the section.
1270 class                            1460 class                            1502 class                            1550 class
2400 class                            2450 class                            2470 class                            1620 class
1700 class                            1720 class                            2100 class                            2130 class
2141 class                            2150 class                            2170 class                            2800 class
4000 class                            3100 class                            3200 class                            3300 class
3400 class                            3500 class                            3600 class                            3900 class
 ICE                                        ETT                                         2000
2050                                     1901

Louvre Wagons
ALY                                         CLO                                        CO                                          QLP                                        QLX


VAH Coal Wagon             VSO Hopper                       VAOW Woodchip            
VAOG Grain Wagon        VAJ Coal Wagon                VALJ Coal Wagon              
VAKG Grain Wagon         VAL Coal Wagon               VAM Coal Wagon           
VAO Coal Wagon             VO Coal Wagon                 VLO Lime Wagon
VJM Coal Wagon             VJMG Grain Wagon          QGA Grain Wagon          
VBO Ballast Wagon         VMO Molasses Wagon    VSA Coal Wagon

FJS                                          HJS                                         HO                                         
HSA                                        HWA                                      WHO                               
HWO                                      WHA                                      WHE

OB Oil Tanker                     OC Oil Tanker                     OH Oil Tanker                          
OP Oil Tanker                     OQ Bitumen Tanker          OT Fuel Wagon                
WO Water Wagon            WSE Water Wagon

Specialised Wagons
BSW Wheel Set                DDM Car Carrier               HJC Cement Wagon       
LRC Remote Wagon        HOS Sleeper Wagon         LSR Runner                       
R Refrigerated                  QRG Gantry Wagon         PST Sand Wagon             
QR Rail Wagon                 ELRC Remote Wagon       ITVO Weigh Bridge Wag.
SD Ballast Wagon            PS Sand Wagon                 TES Plough Wagon          
CW Camp Wagon            EWT Electric Van
Cattle Wagons
KL                                           KSA                                        KSAT                                      KL                          

Flat Wagons
MTW                                     PYC                                        QFCS                                     QFP                        BAUY                                     BAZY                                      PCZY                                     


TDV Drovers Van              TGV Guards Van               TLV Guards Van                               
LTC Test Van


L Lander Cars                     M Lander Cars                  

Heritage Coaches

AL                                           BL                                           BGV                                       BLV       

CL                                           Sunshine Express Cars

There is obviously more stock that was used during this time period but this list is based on my observations in the area for this time period and does not include all variants of rollingstock.

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